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  • Photo of Peter Javorkai, the founder of remixmonsta

    Hi I’m Peter Javorkai the founder of remixmonsta. I’ve spent my university years relentlessly organizing underground electronic music parties, but after a time it was quite hard to find new and fresh talents with the limited resources online.

    Sometimes I’ve spent days of searching on Soundcloud to get the latest hot remixes, so that’s how I came to the idea to have a dedictated site for these great beats. I hope you like it!

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    September 28, 2019

    // Track review

    Maroon 5 & The Rolling Stones - Moves Like Jagger (Chase Jeter Remix)

    Imagine a jazz club in the downtown. The place is though for sitters, noone is standing up for anything. The waiters are running all around serving the precious guests. This is the starting scene to get into the mood to listen a brand new jazzy remix of the pop anthem Moves Like Jagger from [Chase Jeter](https://www.instagram.com/chasejeter/). As we get deeper into the story of the song though the beats are speeding up, and there is weird joy in the electro vibrance clashing with the bass making people dance. The original song got slowed down by Chase to create edgy slashes after each beat to create tension. Definitely more like a song to play in the middle of the party rather than a starter, we hope some experimental DJs will pick up to spin it soon.

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