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  • Photo of Peter Javorkai, the founder of remixmonsta

    Hi I’m Peter Javorkai the founder of remixmonsta. I’ve spent my university years relentlessly organizing underground electronic music parties, but after a time it was quite hard to find new and fresh talents with the limited resources online.

    Sometimes I’ve spent days of searching on Soundcloud to get the latest hot remixes, so that’s how I came to the idea to have a dedictated site for these great beats. I hope you like it!

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    May 14, 2020

    // Track review

    Aya Nakamura - Pookie (Monito Remix)

    I believe Aya Nakamura will be the first French artist we’re covering on our blog. The French Malian artist represents a determined and suburban mindset, and she talks about making money and dominating men like a lot. While she appeals to the frustrations that some listeners may share about men, Nakamura also has a softer side. Last year, she released a song called La Dot, about falling for a guy, getting a dowry and wanting “the dream life”. This week we’ve received a pumping moombahton remix from Monito driving with drum machine loops and a small palette of samples accommodating really well the soft rap verses from Nakamura.

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